Complete For Time


100 Bench Press (155/105)

50 Power Clean (205/145)

400 Double Unders

For this partner WOD, you will have one barbell for your team.

You may break these reps up as you wish but you MUST do equal reps for ALL movements and they MUST be completed in order.  

The workout will start by completing 100 reps of bench press.  The weight for the bench press should be something you could do 10+ reps unbroken if fresh.  You can use your experience with the floor press weight to guide you, keeping in mind the range of motion for the bench is slightly greater than the floor press.

For the power cleans, the weight here is on the heavier side where singles are most likely the way to go.  Push yourself here as far as the weight you pick.  We don’t want you to fail, but we certainly want it to be a challenge.

For the doubles, we will do 2 to 1 for singles.