Complete For Time

15-12-9-6-3 Snatch

4/7 Pull Ups/Chest to Bar/or Bar Muscle Ups Between each round.

Snatch weight will increase each round.

15 @ (65/45)(95/65)

12 @ (75/55)(115/75)

9 @ (85/65)(135/95)

6 @ (95/75)(155/105)

3 @ (115/85)(175/115)

The goal here with the snatch is to build to a weight that will be on the lower end of heavy weight for you.  If the Rx is too light, but the Rx+ is too heavy, consider going somewhere in between as long as you are increasing weight each round.

Also, please take care of those hands.  Newly finished bars have some grip so make sure you are shaving your callouses down to a flat surface.  Your hands tear because you have a ridge around your callouses that catch on the bar.  Ped Eggs are great for this.  You can find them at just about any drug store.

We hope you enjoyed your first WOD at the new space.  If you didn’t make it in, you’re going to love it when you do.  Thanks again to all that helped!