Complete For Time:

6 Rounds

8 S2OH (95/65)(135/95)

10 Pull Ups

Rest 2 Minutes

3 Rounds

4 S2OH (135/95)(185/125)

10 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

For your shoulder to overhead weight, on the first 6 rounder, we are looking for a weight you can do the 8 reps unbroken each round.  This is also the case for the 3 rounder.  The 3 rounds are meant to be on the heavier side but we have cut rounds and reps to make this doable as an unbroken movement.

If the Rx weight is too light, but the RX+ is too heavy, don’t be afraid to use a weight between the two.

For the pull ups, we have 90 total reps between the two pull up movements.  If you’re working on those butterfly pull ups, make sure you get some in on each of the rounds today.  This is a good one to test them out.  If 10 unbroken pull ups is a bit much, break them in to two sets (6-4 or 7-3).   Same logic applies to the C2B.