Complete For Time:

4 Rounds

6 C2B/Bar MU

8 Cluster (95/65)(135/95)

75 Double Under

***Cluster is a Squat clean to thruster***

For today, if you are working on bar MU, but 6 per round is a bit much, consider splitting the reps into 3 & 3.  We don’t want you to stay away from the movement, but we also don’t want it taking 50% of your time for the WOD.  The cluster weight should be on the moderate side for you.  If the RX is too light, but the RX+ is too heavy, find a good weight that is in between the two.

With regard to the double Unders….if you are working on DU, PLEASE do them in this WOD. Cut the reps.  Not the movement.  You NEED to work on them in a WOD.  Under fatigue.  So don’t stay away from them or you will never get them!