Complete For Time

30 Rounds

5 Push Ups

3 Power Snatch (75/55)(95/65)(115/75)*

1 Strict Pull Up or Bar Muscle Up

30 Minute Time Cap

*the Rx++ option is ONLY an option for those with a 1 rep snatch greater than 200/140.

For today……READ THIS SLOWLY……Do NOT get out hot!!  The low rep scheme will trick you in thinking you can push pace on this one but you have to remember this is 30 rounds!  Aggregate volume will start to take its toll.  This will be hard to recover from if you red line early.

Suggested mod for this one is to cut the number of rounds down to 20 or 15.  We don’t want to change the rep scheme, so cutting rounds is the best alternative.  You will get PLENTY of work.