Hope Lives 30 for 30

Today, our CrossFit community comes together to offer our thoughts, prayers and support for another community.   Those who’s lives have been forever changed with the diagnosis of breast cancer.   Our WOD today and the funds we raise are a very small gesture on our behalf to those impacted with this disease.

Your donation is going to Hope Lives!  The Hope Lives organization was founded in 2001 by breast cancer survivor, Lydia Dody a Ft. Collins businesswoman.  Today, Hope Lives is in its 18th year of provide services and products that help manage the physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer treatment.

We want to say thank you to everyone participating and donating today.  We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people.

30 Min AMRepsAP


In teams of two, do as many burpees in 30 minutes as you can.  You can do this however you want.   Two people can be working at a time and you can take rest breaks if/when you need them.  All we ask (expect) is you complete a FULL RANGE OF MOTION burpee each and every rep.