This one’s gonna be fun!!!!!

4 sets on the 10:00

Round 1: 85/70 Cal Bike + 50 Sit Ups

Round 2: 85/70 Cal Row + 50 Push Ups

Round 3: 85/70 Cal Bike + 50 Air Squats

Round 4: 85/70 Cal Row + 50 Burpees

SCALED IS 75/60 Cals and 35 Reps

RX+ 100/80 Cal and 50 GHD vs Sit Ups and 50 Double DB Bench Press (50’s/35’s) vs Push Ups

For today, whatever is left in your ten minutes is rest.

If you want to do GHD’s, you MUST do the RX+ cals.  Double DB Bench can be done if doing RX as well.

In case you wonder why…..

Our intent with RX+ is to challenge those that are advanced on the machines to go higher cals as well as GHDs and DB Bench press to provide a higher level of fatigue going in to the next round of bike and row.  GHDs will tax the core and hips before the row.  The DB Bench will tax the arms for the push/pull on the arms.  If you are not as advanced on the machines, providing additional levels of fatigue makes ZERO sense.