And the winner of the name the WOD is…….”Assault & Battery” from Tom DiMauro.  John Henstock was on the same path with “Aggravated Assault Bike & Battery” but its too much to type 🙂

Complete For Time:

50/40 Cal Row


Clean (115/75)

S2OH (115/75)

50/40 Cal Row

For today, the weight should be something you can cycle for 10+ reps unbroken for each of the barbell movements.  Realizing this may not be how you attack this WOD, that is the guide you should be using for weight.   This may be one where on the higher reps you do ONE less unbroken clean and then drop and do the final clean and go straight into the S2OH.

For the first row, look to pace this one like you would a longer row (think 2K pace).   For the second row, look to improve from the first row as there is nothing to save yourself for when you’re done.