Complete For Total Time

40/35 Cal Row

***Immediately Into***

5 Rounds

25 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9’)

50 Double Unders

***Immediately Into***

500/400 Meter Row Sprint

For today, you have two scores to this workout.  Your TOTAL Time and we will also track your row sprint time separately in Beyond the Whiteboard.

Strategy on this one would be to take the first row at about a 75% effort.  Don’t get hung up on getting the row done at a pace that will leave you fatigued before the “real” part of the workout even starts.

For the 5 rounds, try getting the wall balls done in no more than 3 sets.  (Maybe 10-8-7).  If wall balls are your jam, look to go unbroken here.

STAY RELAXED on your double unders.  Shoulders and legs are going to be tired from the wall balls, so putting a ton of effort into swinging the rope is not going to benefit you.   Think triceps to lats and let the rope do the work.

For the last row……..SEND IT!!!