Complete For Time



Deadlift (225/155)





Power Clean (135/95)

Ring Dips

For today, we have some options for you.  We have programmed TWO benchmark GIRL WODS.  If you are wanting to test JUST your Dianne OR Elizabeth time, you can pick which one you want to do.  If you want to do BOTH, you can pick which order you want to complete them.  IF you are doing BOTH, each WOD has a 10 minute time cap with a 5 minute rest between WODS.  IF you are doing one of the WODS, there will be NO time cap.

If these WODS are new to you and you have a questions on how to scale:

Think about your Dianne weight as not more than 70% of your 1 rep deadlift max.  For scaling of the HSPU, you can do HSPU to abmats, Pike Push ups on a box  hand release push ups, or assisted push ups on your knees or with a band.  We are ok if you even split the movement (for example…21 HSPU, 15 Hand Release PU,  9 HSPU) The goal here is to maintain steady, up tempo movement throughout the WOD, so scale accordingly.

For Elizabeth, pick a weight you can cycle 15 unbroken reps if fresh.  Scaling options for the ring dips include banded ring dips, box dips, or jumping ring dips (dips with ring height set so you can use you legs for assistance).   Combinations of the scaling options is ok here as well with the same consideration to maintaining an up tempo pace.