Complete For Time

1000 Meter Row

800 Meter Run

40 DB Snatch (50/35)

40 Wall Ball (20/14)


For today, you can choose do the DB Snatch, Wall Ball and HSPU in order (completing 40 reps of each movement before moving to the next) OR you can partition them as you want. How you complete the reps is up to you but the WOD will begin with the row and run.

The limiting factor for most is going to be the 40 reps of HSPU.  If this is a movement you can do but in small sets, consider breaking them up into sets of 5 or 8.  A suggested scale for today is inverted push ups with feet on bench or box.

For the row, row at a pace you could comfortably hold a conversation while rowing.  The first 100-150 of the run will be a bit labored coming off the rower but you should recover rather quickly.  Once the 800 is done, the real fun begins.  Choose a strategy that will keep you moving to preserve the intended stimulus of this WOD.