30 Minutes of:
30 Double Unders
10 Deadlifts
3 Clean & Jerk
1 Snatch Attempt

Your score is the total amount of weight snatched in the 30 minute work period.

You can pick any weight to put on the barbell. All barbell movements are done with the same weight. However, you only get one attempt at the snatch per round. So if you miss the snatch, you must do all of the other work before attempting another snatch. If you can’t do double-unders, you may substitute 50 jump rope singles or run a 150 meter run instead. Cleans and snatches can be power or squat.

Excerpt below about Wyatt is copied from Front Range CrossFit Facebook page:

The story behind the workout named “Wyatt”.

Last year, FRCF did the CF Hero workout called, The Seven. It is a workout named in honor of the seven CIA agents that died in a suicide car bombing on Camp Chapman in Khost, Afghanistan on December 30th, 2009. There were 6 others wounded in that attack. One of those wounded that day was a man with the call sign, “Wyatt”. After being wounded in the attack, Wyatt crawled around in the dust and the mud and the blood and saved a bunch of lives putting on tourniquets and rendering first aid to the survivors until help arrived.

Wyatt was a veteran Navy SARC (Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman) and an experienced GRS Protective Agent (Global Response Staff) who served our country in various capacity for almost 20 years. I am lucky enough to know someone that served with Wyatt, Jimmy Graham. Last year, when we decided to do The Seven, Jimmy called up Wyatt and asked if he had anything that we could have at the gym for the event that would be a visual representation of the attack at Khost. Two hours later, Wyatt had the flag that flew over Camp Chapman on the day of the attack and one of the granite stars that had been carved out of the memorial for the casualties from that attack, in the mail to have at the event. It was an incredibly touching and generous gesture on Wyatt’s part.

Since last year’s Memorial Day event, Wyatt unfortunately passed away during a training event. Yes he was still actively involved in the defense of our country in 2017, almost 8 years after getting blown up on that porch in Khost. So, we have named a workout in his honor and are using that workout for our Memorial Day fundraiser this year.

Don’t forget, we are taking donations for this WOD throughout the day. Cash, check made payable to BCS Fitness, or credit card are acceptable. CrossFit970 is matching all funds raised. Don’t feel obligated to donate. We want you to be at the gym to participate in the WOD. We may even randomly give out some 970 tshirts or tanks throughout the day.