1. 06/27/2022

    15 Minute AMRAP

    200 Meter Run

    20 Alternating Leg Box Step Ups with Squat on top of box (24”/20”) **STEP DOWN ONLY**

    For today, on the box step ups, you will complete a step up (hips fully extended at the top) and then execute an air squat while on top of the box.  After achieving full extension on the air squat, step down from the box.

  2. 06/24/2022


    800 Meter Run

    50 Back Squat (135/95)

    50 Bench Press (135/95)

    800 Meter Run

    35 Back Squat (135/95)

    35 Bench Press (135/95)

    800 Meter Run

    20 Back Squat (135/95)

    20 Bench Press (135/95)

    800 Meter Run

    1 Muscle Up


    400 Meter Run

    35 Back Squat (115/75)

    35 Bench Press (115/75)

    400 Meter Run

    25 Back Squat

    25 Bench Press

    400 Meter Run

    15 Back Squat

    15 Bench Press

    400 Meter Run

    1 Strict Pull Up

    For today, we will need to get moving on this WOD so be there on time as we will have a bit of an abbreviated warm up so we can get going.  For many of you that are looking to do RX, the bench press weight and volume might be just a bit out of your comfort level.  That’s OK!!  We will likely have bench press “stations” where the weight is lighter.  We will also recommend the scaled rep volume for some.   We can also do this for the squats if needed.  The weight for both should be on the lighter side for you.  Your Coach will help you figure it all out…just show up ready to grind through this one.

    U.S. Marine Corporal Keaton G. Coffey, 22, of Boring, OR, assigned to the 1st Law Enforcement Battalion, 1st Marine Headquarters Group, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, CA, was killed on May 24, 2012 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

    He is survived by his fiancee Brittany Dygert and his parents Grant and Inger.

    This “Coffey” Hero WOD was first posted on CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day for Wednesday, December 11, 2013 (131211).

  3. 06/23/2022

    4 Rounds EACH for Time

    (15/12)(20/17) Cal Bike

    15 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/35)

    100 Meter Single Arm DB Overhead Carry (50/35)(70/50)

    Rest 2 Min Between Rounds

  4. 06/22/2022

    7 x 2 Clean Every 1:30


    12 Min AMRAP
    300 M Run
    50 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9’)
    20 Pull Ups

    For our 7×2 Cleans, we are looking to build up to a heavy 2 rep.  Doesn’t have to be a max, but if you’re feeling good, GO FOR IT.  These can be touch and go or singles.  You have 1:30 to complete the 2 reps.   This is a good opportunity to capitalize on some of the strength gains from our front squat cycle.



  5. 06/21/2022

    4 x 6:00 Sets

    30/25 Cal Row

    100 Double Unders

    30 Lat Sit Ups (20/14)

    For today, you have six minutes to do the work.  Whatever is left in your six minutes is your rest.  Goal for today is consistency from round to round.

  6. 06/20/2022

    Complete For Time:

    14 Rounds

    2 Power Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

    4 Bar Facing Burpee

    Every 3 Minutes is a 200 Meter Run

    **Start With 200M Run**

    For today, we are looking at a way to force pace on this.  Do the work quick, and you will be running less.  For those of you that like to get out hot, today is YOUR day!!

  7. 06/17/2020


    30 Rounds For Time

    • 5 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
    • 3 Handstand Push-Ups
    • 1 Power Clean (225/155 lb)

    With a running clock, as fast as possible perform 30 rounds of the work in the order written: 5 Wall Ball Shots, 3 Handstand Push-Ups, and 1 Power Clean.

    Score is the time on the clock when the 30th round is complete.

    Tips and Strategy

    The volume in “Holleyman” is high, (you’ll have completed 150 Wall Balls, 90 Handstand Push-Ups, and 30 moderately-heavy Power Cleans by the end of the WOD) but it’s broken up into very manageable sets: 5+3+1. Aim to go unbroken for all 30 rounds, and rest only during the transition from movement to movement.

    During the Wall Ball Shots, consciously use your hips/legs rather than your shoulders–you’ll need your arms to be as fresh as possible for your upcoming sets of Handstand Push-Ups.

    Intended Stimulus

    “Holleyman” should feel pretty heavy. The WOD, just like any “For Time” workout, should feel just as mentally challenging as it does physically exhausting: the clock cannot save you.

    Scale the Power Clean load so it feels like a 7 on a scale from 1-10. Scale the Handstand Push-Ups down if you can’t yet perform unbroken sets of 3 for the majority of the WOD. And keep Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman in your mind as you perform those rounds and reps–it’ll keep you going when you want to stop.

    Scaling Options 

    “Holleyman” is a long, moderately heavy workout that should take 30+ minutes to complete. Scale the skill level (see: Handstand Push-Up Scaling), the load, and/or the volume so you can move smoothly through this Hero WOD.

    30 Rounds for Time
    5 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
    1 Handstand Push-Up
    1 Power Clean (155/105 lb)

    20 Rounds for Time
    5 Wall Ball Shots (14/10 lb)
    3 Push-Ups
    1 Power Clean (95/65 lb)

  8. 06/16/2022

    20 Min EMOM

    200 Meter Run
    (12/10)(15/12) Cal Ski
    50 Double Unders
    20 Air Squat
    15 KB Swings (53/35)

    For today, IF you need more of a recovery WOD, consider one of two things:

    1) lower your intensity/speed

    2) Reduce Reps

    We have a 30 Round Hero WOD on Friday, so volume will be high and it will be a longer WOD.  Consider this as you approach todays workout.

  9. 06/15/2022

    Complete For Time

    5 Rounds

    (20/17)(25/20) Cal Row
    12 DB Box Step Up & Over (50/35)(20″/16″)(24″/20″)
    10 Burpee Pull Ups