1. 06/24/2019

    4 x 4:00 Interval

    400 Meter Run

    12 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

    Max Rep Power Snatch (95/65)(155/105)

    2:00 Rest Between Rounds

  2. 06/22/2019


    9am WOD is still on.

  3. 06/21/2019

    Complete For Time:

    150 Wall Balls (20/14)(10″/9″)

    1 Mile Run

    Partition as you want

    Lots of strategy with this one.  Do you do larger sets of wall balls and longer runs?  Smaller sets with shorter runs?  Or do it all straight through?  Or any other variation you want.  If wall balls are a struggle for you, you may want to consider smaller sets of wall balls followed by a short run.  Maybe 16 rounds that start with a 100M run and then 10 wall balls (you would end on the WOD with your 16th 100 meter run.)

  4. 06/20/2019

    Complete For Time


    Plate Ground To Overhead (45/35)

    Plate Push Ups

    100 Meter Plate Farmers Carry Between Rounds

    After a couple of days of hinged hip movements, we are looking to open up the hips today.  The push ups will be done with your feet on your plate.  For your farmers carry, you will carry your plate out to the 100 Meter turn in one hand and switch to your other hand at the turn.  The WOD ends with a plate carry after your round of 3.

  5. 06/19/2019

    Announcement:  There will be no Open Gym today.  We have an event happening at the gym during that time.   

    Complete For Time

    500 Meter Row

    40 KB Snatch (53/35)(70/53)

    30 Goblet Squat (53/35)(70/53)

    20 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)

    10 TGU (53/35)(70/53)


  6. 06/18/2019

    2  Minute AMRAP

    30 Deadlift (135/95)(185/125)

    15 Lat Sit Ups (20/14)

    2 Minute Rest

    3 Minute AMRAP

    20 Deadlift (155/105)(225/155)

    15 Lat Sit Ups (20/14)

    2 Minute Rest

    4 Minute AMRAP

    10 Deadlift (185/125)(275/185)

    15 Lat Sit Ups (20/14)

    For this WOD we are looking at a moderate weight to start and progressing to a somewhat heavy load for the last AMRAP.  The weights you use are something you COULD do unbroken if fresh, but they are likely something you will do in sets for the WOD.  These are sprint AMRAPS, BUT…we do not want to sacrifice form over speed.


  7. 06/17/2019

    Complete For Time

    10 Rounds

    100 Meter Run

    5 Hang Clean (95/65)(135/95)

    5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups/3 Bar Muscle Ups

    For today, we are looking at a hang clean weight that you can do unbroken throughout the 10 rounds.  Pacing is the key on this one.  Transitions are the built in rest breaks, so we are not looking at that runs as a “recovery” run, rather a place where you can make up some time.

  8. 06/14/2009


    30 Snatches (135/95)

    Immediately into

    30 HSPU/Strict HSPU

    “Isabel,” one of CrossFit’s classic “Girls” WODs, was first posted on the CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day for Thursday, November 11, 2004 (041111).  These can be power or squat snatch.

    For your weight, you should be looking at doing multiple reps unbroken and with very little rest breaks.  Even though we have another part of this workout with the HSPU, focus your efforts on moving through Isabel as fast as you can.

    For your HSPU, break these up into manageable sets.  Break when you want to, not when you have to.  Mod for the HSPU will be seated DB strict press.  Talk to your Coach about appropriate weight for you.

  9. 06/13/2019

    Complete For Time

    4 Rounds

    400 Meter Run

    20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

    20 Wall Ball (20/14)