1. 02/10/2023

    Complete For Time


    Deadlift (185/125)(225/155)

    Double DB Push Press/HPSU

    Right Into


    Deadlift (275/195)(313/225)

    Sets of 5 Hand Release Push Ups/50’ HS Walk**

    ** Every 5 Hand Release Push Ups = 10 ft HS Walk

    14 Minute Time Cap

    For today, we are looking at this as an “Open” style workout.   You may or may NOT beat the time cap.  That’s ok.  We just want you to get as far as you can get.  We want to TRY to stick to the deadlift weights but, again, it’s totally ok if the weights are too heavy.  Main point is it should move from a moderate to a slightly heavy weight.