1. 6/30/2018

    7 AM Competitors Class and 9 AM WOD

    Last Week’s Competitors Class:

    For time

    150 Wall Balls

    *every time you break perform 5 burpees

    rest 5 minutes


    Back Squat (135/95)


    rest 5 minutes


    Double Unders


  2. 06/29/2018

    “Cooper & Courtnie’s Send Off WOD” as programmed by Cooper

    This is not a good bye WOD, but more of a “bye for now” as we know we will see them down the road after this chapter of their lives comes to an end.  We would like to wish Coop and Courtnie the very best as they head south to Boulder for Courtnie’s MBA program at CU.  As a gym, we feel each and every member is part of our extended family and the success we have in the sport of CrossFit is only made possible because of the sum of all of the parts coming together.  If you have been with us for some time, you know that Cooper is the first individual competitor we have sent to Regionals where placed an impressive 13th.

    Beyond being great members of our gym, these two are awesome at being great people who you rarely ever see without a smile on their face.  We know their future is bright wherever their path will lead them.

    The following is a message from Courtnie and Cooper

    “Cooper has loved working out at the 11am class.  He found that 970 had some guys that would push him hard in workouts and made it super fun for him.  The gym is full of supportive, welcoming and understanding people.  It makes such a difference to have people around him that see his potential and remind him of it on the days he is discouraged.  Working through a few more serious injuries was taxing to Cooper but the gym members were encouraging and rooting for him the whole time.  He loved getting to judge for Ryan and Logan this year during the CrossFit Open and found a way to give back the support he had been given. 

    We loved 970 because we could go to the same class and be challenged in different ways at our different levels.  It’s part of our day we truly look forward to. 

    Going forward, I’m pursuing my MBA at CU Boulder and Cooper will be working in the Emergency Department at Good Samaritan Hospital.  He’s finally off the night shift so he can train for the next two years with his eyes on Regionals in 2019.  We would love to get him to the Games in the next few years!


    From Cooper

    “We appreciate everyone at CrossFit970  and we appreciate everything that has been done to support us.  We are looking forward to the next chapter of our lives, but we will miss everyone at 970.”

    Complete For Time

    100  Double Unders

    20 Bar Facing Burpees

    15 Ring Muscle Ups

    8 Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

    6 Snatch (115/75)(155/115)

    4 Snatch (135/95)(185/125)

    2 Snatch (155/105)(205/155)

    35 HSPU

    20 Bar Facing Burpees

    100 Double Unders

    24 Minute Time Cap

    We realize we have done some of these movements this week (DU, Burpees, HSPU/Push Ups) but the volume of these movements in this WOD aren’t something we have concerns about duplicating with a few days in between when we last did them.

    Scaling options for Ring Muscle ups will be Bar Muscle Ups, Chest to Bar pull ups or pull ups.

    For your snatch weight, if you aren’t doing Rx or Rx+, pick weights that will start off on the upper end of light and end the 2 rep snatch with a challenging weight for you.  Riding the struggle bus with heavy load is totally ok for today, but pick weights that you won’t fail at more than twice per round as it gets heavy.  A guide for this might be 8@60%, 6@70%, 4@80% and 2@90% of your 1 rep max.  

    HSPU scaling options are inverted push ups, hand release push ups or push ups.


  3. 06/28/2018

    Complete For Time

    10 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)

    16 DB OH Lunge (50/35)

    100M Run

    20 Alt DB Snatch

    16 DB OH Lunge

    200M Run

    30 Alt DB Snatch

    16 DB OH Lunge

    400M Run

    The DB movements today will be done with a single DB.  For the snatch you will alternate arms each rep.  For the lunge, it will be 8 reps with one arm and 8 with the other.  Short distance for the runs today to keep you out of the heat for long periods of time.  If you are feeling a little sore and beat up, use today’s WOD as an active recovery.  Even if you are sore and tired, we want to see you in the gym working that soreness out.  This is one you can choose to push the pace on or choose to use it as a primer to get you ready for Friday.



  4. 06/27/2018

    30 Minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

    Minute 1=15/12 Cal Row

    Minute 2=40 Double Unders (50 singles)

    Minute 3=15 Thrusters (75/55)

    Minute 4=15/12 Lat Sit Ups (20/14)

    Minute 5=12 Burpees

    Sometimes…..it’s ok to just put in some grunt work…..For today, this is a pure conditioning WOD so there won’t be any whiteboard heros…The goal with this WOD is no more than 40-45 seconds of work per each movement within the EMOM.  We will force the transitions at the :45 second mark of each minute, so just do what you can for the 45 seconds you have to work.  Keep in mind, we want you to have some little rest breaks between movements so don’t be concerned with not completing the prescribed number of reps. The faster you finish the reps, the more rest you will have within the minute.

    This WOD will get increasingly difficult as the rounds increase.   This is one of those WODS where the aggregate volume will start to add up as you progress.  This WOD will be challenging for all levels.


  5. 06/26/2018

    3 Rounds

    4 Minute AMRAP

    10 Dead Lift (135/95)

    10 Hang Power Clean (135/95)

    10 Front Squat (135/95)

    Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

    Barbell Cycling is the name of the game today.  We want our conditioning to come from moving the barbell at speed and intensity.  The weight on the bar should be something you can do unbroken for 10 reps of each of the movements if fresh.  We only have 4 minutes of work for each round, so rest breaks should be minimal.  You can blend the movements if wish (you can start your hang power cleans after your 10th Deadlift without putting the bar back down, and you can do a hang squat clean for your 10th hang power clean).  Dropping after the 9th rep of each movement is also an efficient way to get a quick rest break.   These types of “sprint” wods with short rest breaks are awesome for building metabolic capacity (building your motor).  Don’t worry, we will have a longer conditioning WOD in the very near future….hint, hint.

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  For your WOD planning….the gym WILL be open for one class time for the 4th of July.  We will be doing an 8:00am hero WOD.  Please make plans to join us for a challenging, but fun WOD with a special ending.

  6. 06/25/2018

    Complete For Time

    50 T2B

    Each Time You Drop, Run 100 Meters.  Rx+ is 200 Meters

    50 HSPU/Deficit HSPU (4″/2″)

    Each Time You Break, Run 100 Meters. Rx+ is 200 Meters

    For today, if you are working on your toes to bar, do some work on them in warm up and do knees to parallel for the WOD.

    The T2B will make an already challenging movement of the HSPU a bit more challenging because the core is going to be taxed.  Inefficiencies in the kip will definitely show up today, so make sure you are working that kip in the warm up.

    Our scale for the HSPU today will be inverted push ups, or wall walks.  If you’re doing inverted push ups, do 25 total and run 100M after each set of 5.  For wall walks, one wall walk equals 10 HSPU.  You will do a 100M run after each wall walk.



  7. 6/23/2018

    7AM – 970 Compete Class

    9AM – CrossFit Class

    Last Week 970 Compete WOD

    1 Legless rope climb

    10 Power snatch

    100 m plate carry

    2 Legless rope climb

    8 Power snatch

    100 m plate carry

    3 Legless rope climb

    6 Power snatch

    100 m plate carry

    4 Legless rope climb

    4 Power snatch

    100 m plate carry

    5 Legless rope climb

    2 Power snatch

    100 m plate carry

    Worked up to close to our 1RM on the final 2 Power Snatch

  8. 06/22/2018


    5 Rounds For Time

    800 Meter Run

    30 Kb Swing (70/53)

    30 Pull Ups

    40 Minute Time Cap

    This CrossFit “Girl” WOD was first posted on CrossFit.com as the workout of the day for Sunday, February 24, 2008 (080224). It’s named after Eva Twardokens (aka: Eva T.), one of the original CrossFitters back in the days when CrossFit existed in founder Greg Glassman’s gym in Santa Cruz, CA.

    We are going to do a few variations of this WOD today.  The RX version is posted above.  We are also going to do a few different options for this WOD.  Our main goal with today’s WOD is to get a longer conditioning piece in, so it really doesn’t matter which option you choose.  All are difficult depending on where you are in your CrossFit abilities.  If one of the options below doesn’t fit what you need, talk to your Coach for other possible variations.

    When selecting a Kb weight, you should choose a weight you can swing at least 15 times unbroken if fresh.  Pull up options should be based on where you are with your pullups.  If you are proficient at them, 30 per round is you number.  If not, scale to one of the options with less pull ups.  We don’t want you to be sore for days after this one, so please pick an option that will allow you to get a great WOD but also be able to golf, water ski, hike, bike or pick up your kids this weekend!

    Option 1

    5 Rounds

    800M Run

    30 Kb Swing (53/35)

    15 Pull Ups/15 GHD Sit Ups


    Option 2

    5 Rounds

    800M Run

    15 Kb Swings (53/35)

    15 Pull Ups or Jumping Pull Ups


    Option 3

    3 Rounds

    800M Run

    15 Kb Swing (53/35)

    15 Pull Ups or Jumping Pull Ups

  9. 06/21/2018

    In Teams of Three Complete

    3,000/2,400 Meter Row

    600′ Bear Crawl/300′ HS Walk

    150 Front Squats (95/65)

    100 Ring Dips

    For this WOD, all three partners can be working at the same time.  The movements do NOT need to be done in any particular order.  For an all male team, the row is 3,000 meters.  For any other combination of male/female or an all female team, the row is 2,400 meters.  For the ring dips, if you need to band up, use the False Grips to secure your bands on the rings.  You can use the high rings for the rings dips, but you MUST do a muscle up to get up on the rings.   Strategy on this one is going to be key.  The ONLY rule is you must complete all movements.  HOW you do that is up to you.