1. 02/25/2019

    Don’t forget to submit your scores for the Open WOD 19.1.  Deadline is Monday at 6pm to submit.  

    15 Minutes To Build To A Heavy 1 Rep Power Clean

    Rest 3 Minutes

    3 Minutes To Complete

    (17/14)(21/17) Cal Bike

    15 Pull Ups

    9 Hang Power Clean & Jerk @50%

    Rest 3 Minutes

    4 Minutes To Complete

    (17/14)(21/17) Cal Bike

    15 C2B Pull Ups

    9 Hang Power Clean & Jerk @55%

    Rest 4 Minutes

    5 Minutes To Complete

    (17/14)(21/17) Cal Bike

    15 Bar Muscle Ups

    9 Hang Power Clean & Jerk @60%

    Today we are going to move some weight to start off.  We are looking to build to a heavy 1 rep power clean.  We will then use that number to determine your percentages for hang power clean & jerk in the Met-Con.

    For the Met-Con, we are looking to work through each round as quickly as possible.   The gymnastics work in each round should give the legs a little break coming off the bike, so don’t be over conservative on the pace.   For the hang power clean & jerk, we are looking to go unbroken with these each round.  The time to complete for each round represents the time cap for that round.

    You will have two scores today.  One for total time to do the 3 rounds and one for your power clean weight.


  2. 02/23/2019

    7 AM Class



    5 Bear Complex (135/95) – Between each round (start and finish with bear complex)

    Rest 5 Min


    Box Jumps (30″/24″)

    5 Ring Muscle-Ups – Between each round (start and finish with muscle-ups)





  3. 02/22/2019

    We are ready for this one!!!  In addition to the rowing challenge many of you did in January, here is a quick fact.  Since Jan 1, we have had 29 WODS (not including Saturdays where we have done a lot of rowing).  11 of the 29, have had a row in them and 7 of them have had wall balls.  These are movements we are familiar with and we should all have a lot of confidence in.

    CrossFit Games Open WOD 19.1

    15 Min AMRAP

    19 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)  Masters 55+ (20/10)(9′)  Teens 14-15 (14/10)(9’/8′)

    19 Cal Row

    Scaling Options:  Ages 16-54 (14/10)(10’/9′)   Teen & Masters 55+ (14/10)(8′)   

    Quick Tips.  This is a pacing WOD.  15 Minutes is a long time for this movement combination.  Resist the urge to get out hot as you are not likely to really feel this one until about 7-9 minutes in.  Think about efficient pulls on the row in which you are breathing at the top.  IF wall balls are a challenging movement for you, consider breaking them up early into two sets.  Maybe 11-8 is a good rep scheme.  IF you are breaking the wall balls, you will need to really focus on transitioning right to the row and start pulling.  Even if they are not all out pulls, get the wheel moving while you recover.  If you are not breaking the wall balls, the same holds true for the transition to the row.  IF the row is a challenge for you, the worst thing you can do is force the pace here.  Stay calm and breath.  Pause at the top and make every pull count.  A fast in and out is not efficient and will blow you up.  Whatever is left in the tank needs to be emptied at about the 13 minute mark.  

    Rowing Pace and Time To Complete 19 Cals

    1950 calories/hour… 0:34s
    1700 calories/hour… 0:40s
    1500 calories/hour… 0:45s
    1350 calories/hour… 0:51s
    1200 calories/hour… 0:57s
    1100 calories/hour… 1:03
    1000 calories/hour… 1:10
    920 calories/hour… 1:16
    850 calories/hour… 1:22
    800 calories/hour… 1:29
    740 calories/hour…1:35
    700 calories/hour…1:41
    650 calories/hour…1:47


  4. 02/21/2019

    At 6:00pm, the first WOD of the 2019 CrossFit Games Open will be announced.  You can view the live announcement at www.games.crossfit.com.  For some, this may be your first Open.  For others, this is a yearly tradition.  We want you all to be a part of the CrossFit community and join in on the Open.  It is fun.  It is challenging.  And just being a part of it will push you to limits you didn’t think were possible.  Over the years we have seen so many “firsts” that happen during an Open WOD.  There is just something about an entire gym cheering you on that makes these unforgettable moments happen.  So…be a part of the magic that happens every single year we do this.  

    Complete For Time


    Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)

    DB Power Clean (50/35) **Each Arm**


    Front Squat

    Red Track  (90% of 1 RM +10#)

    x 5 @ 75%

    x 3 @ 85%

    x 1+@ 95%

    Blue Track

    3 x 10 @65%

    2 x 20 @ 60% of 90%

    The focus of our WOD today is just to get some movement to work some soreness out and get you primed for the first WOD of the 2019 CrossFit Games Open.  We want you to be fresh and recovered so you can give the Open WOD maximum effort on Friday.

  5. 02/20/2019

    3 Rounds

    75 Double Unders (x 2 for single unders)

    30 Lat Sit Ups (20/14)

    25 KB Snatch (53/35)(70/53)

    15 Hand Release Push Ups/HSPU

    Look at this three rounder as a WOD you can find a pace to settle in and sprint to the finish with what is left in the tank.  Although lat sit ups may look easy on paper, you will likely feel the fatigue from these on the movements that follow as this one is sure to tax the shoulders, core and grip.  If going heavy on the KB snatch you should be able to do these unbroken when fresh with the thought you might need to break them up in later rounds.  Consider breaking your HR and HSPU from the beginning if this movement is one you are not quite as efficient at.  If these are all good movements for you, challenge yourself to go unbroken through each movement for all 3 rounds.

  6. 02/19/2019

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  As a programming note, this week is the first week of the CrossFit Open.  Thursday night at 6pm, Open WOD 19.1 will be released and it will be our programmed class WOD on Friday.   This sequence will repeat for the next 4 weeks after this week as the Open concludes. 

    Being we don’t know what to expect from this first week in terms of movements, we are trying to stay away from high volume work on the rig as well as high volume on some common movements we have seen in the Open in prior years.  As the Open moves on, programming becomes a bit easier as we can “cross off” movements we have seen in the Open and add them back into the programming. 

    As it relates to the Open, we want you ALL to participate in it.  If you have questions about the Open, talk to a Coach.  To register for the Open, go to www.games.crossfit.com. 

    7 Minute AMRAP

    10 Box Jumps (24″/20″)  **Step Down Only

    20 Air Squats

    15 Burpee

    20 Air Squats


    Back Squat

    Red Track  (90% of 1 RM +10#)

    x 5 @ 75%

    x 3 @ 85%

    x 1+@ 95%

    Blue Track

    3 x 10 @65%

    2 x 20 @ 60% of 90%

    Quick sprint AMRAP to get us warmed up for our back squat work.  Today, our Red track gets heavy with a 1+@ 95%.

  7. 02/18/2019

    4 x 3:00 Intervals

    (15/12)(20/17) Cal Bike

    (15/12)(20/17) Cal Row

    Remainder of Time is Max Rep Power Cleans.  Score is TOTAL number of power cleans.

    Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

    Weights For Power Cleans Are As Follows

    Round 1


    Round 2


    Round 3


    Round 4


    In this WOD, we are challenging your ability to move load under some metabolic fatigue.  For your weights on this, pick weights you can do touch and go reps for the first two rounds.   You may not end up doing touch and go, but pick weights you COULD if you were fresh.  Goal would be to hit 5-7 unbroken on those first two weights and changing to fast singles after a big set.  Our emphasis is on cycling the bar bell in these first couple of rounds.  The last two weights should be heavy for you and will most likely be done as singles.



  8. 02/16/2019

    7 AM Class

    For Time

    50 Burpee Bar Muscle-Ups OR 50 Burpee Pull-Ups

    Rest 5 Min

    50 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

    Rest 5 Minutes

    50 Bar-Facing Burpees


  9. 02/15/2019

    Workout 18.4

    For time:
    21 deadlifts, 225 lb.
    21 handstand push-ups
    15 deadlifts, 225 lb.
    15 handstand push-ups
    9 deadlifts, 225 lb.
    9 handstand push-ups
    21 deadlifts, 315 lb.
    50-ft. handstand walk
    15 deadlifts, 315 lb.
    50-ft. handstand walk
    9 deadlifts, 315 lb.
    50-ft. handstand walk

    Time cap: 9 min.

    For this workout, scale the weight as needed on the deadlifts. Modification for the handstand push-ups will be hand-release push-ups and modification for the handstand walks will be bear crawls.