1. 11/21/2019


    MON-WED: Normal Class Times

    THURSDAY: 9:00AM

    FRIDAY: 9:00, 11:00, NOON

    18 Minutes To Front Squat

    5 Reps at 65%

    5 Reps at 75%

    5+ Reps at 85%

    1 x 20 @ 50%



    8 Minute AMRAP

    15 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)

    12 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

  2. 11/20/2019

    4 x 3:00 Intervals

    6 Power Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

    10 T2B

    Max Cal Row In Remainder

    Rest 3 Minutes

    Today, we are looking for a snatch weight that will be a little challenging for you.  Thinking a weight that you can cycle for 5-8 reps when fresh.  Depending on your efficiency with your T2B, the reps at the snatch aren’t something we can take a ton of time with, so let that factor into your decision on what weight to use.  And hey….at the end of the day….at least it’s not max cals on the bike to finish it up.

  3. 11/19/2019

    18 Minutes to Complete

    Bench Press

    5 Reps at 65% of 1 Rep Max

    5 Reps at 75% of 1 Rep Max

    5+ Reps at 85% of 1 Rep Max

    1 x 20 at 50% of 90% of your 1 Rep Max


    10 Minute EMOM

    ODD Minutes: 10 Floor Press (you pick load)

    EVEN Minutes: 20 Seconds Max Cal Bike

    For today, don’t worry if you don’t know your current 1 Rep Max Bench Press.  You can work with your Coach to figure out what weights to use.  Once you get a feel for where you are, note it so you can reference it as we continue with the progression.

    For the EMOM, use a weight you can cycle 10 times unbroken (you will have a good feel for this after your working sets).  On the bike, this should be 20 seconds of all out effort.  The remaining 40 seconds of the minute is your rest/recovery so challenge yourself to really push it on bike.

  4. 11/18/2019

    Complete For Time

    3 Rounds

    (9 Ring Dips) or 3 Reps Of MU Complex

    8 Cleans (95/65)(155/105)

    12 Box Jumps (24″/20″) *

    MU Complex = 1 Ring Muscle Up + 3 Ring Dips

    *Can go up in height on box jumps

    For your clean weight, we are looking at a moderate load.  Singles are OK for today.  Focus of this WOD is to continue to work toward the lock out on the muscle ups as well as to get into a bit of a heavier load for the cleans.  If you want to add a bit more of a challenge to this one, you CAN go up in height for the box jumps.  Height you choose is up to you.

  5. 11/15/2009

    Complete For Time


    Deadlift (185/125)





    50′ HS Walk Between Each Round

    For your first deadlift weight, you should be thinking about a weight you can cycle 21 unbroken if fresh.  For the second weight, 8-10 unbroken if fresh.  HSPU mod will be hand release push ups and the HS Walk mod will be 3 wall walks.

  6. 11/14/2009

    Complete For Time

    40/30 Cal Bike


    5 Rounds

    15 Russian KB Swing (53/35)

    20 Alternating Leg Lunges

    2/1 Rope Climb


  7. 11/13/2019

    5 Rounds

    17 Back Squats (95/65)(135/95)

    13 Pull Ups

    9 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)(135/95)

    For today, the S2OH may be the limiting factor on the weight you choose.  Make sure the S2OH is a weight you can do unbroken for the 9 reps.  It is ok to blend your last rep of S2OH directly into your back squat. If the S2OH weight ends up being a very light weight for your back squat…just go faster on the squats!

  8. 11/12/2019

    Complete For Time

    45/40 Calorie Row

    60 Double Unders

    30 Power Snatch (75/55)(95/65)

    60 Double Unders

    30 T2B

    60 Double Unders

    30 Power Snatch

    15 Cal Row

    This one offers us a lot to focus on.  Lots of conditioning with the row and double unders as well as the light weight on the barbell.  We are looking to do big sets on the power snatch, so pick load you could do 12+ unbroken if fresh.  We are not looking for singles on the barbell.  Break the T2B up in manageable sets as another set of power snatch is waiting for you.  Still looking at sets of touch and go reps with these 30.  The last row should be an all out effort.

  9. 11/11/2019

    Happy Veterans Day!  Thank you to all that have sacrificed, served, and continue to serve this great County!! 

    20 Minute AMRAP

    20 Air Squat

    12 Hang Power Clean (95/65)(135/95)

    10 Bar Facing Burpees

    20 Ab Mat Sit Ups

    Today we are looking to pick a pace and settle in.  For the hang power cleans, this should be a weight you could do 10+ unbroken if fresh.  If you need to break these up, two sets would be ideal.