1. 11/27/2020

    REMINDER:  THE 970SENIORS class will have its first session at 9:45am on Monday November 30th.  If you need more information, please email Krista at krista@crossfit970.com.  Hoping to get this class FULL! 









    4 Minute AMRAP

    4 Hang Clean (165/110)  ***THESE ARE FULL SQUATS***

    8 Box Step Up (24″/20″)

    Rest 4 Minutes

    4 Minute AMRAP

    4 OHS (135/95)

    12 Bar Dips

    Rest 4 Minutes

    4 Min Row For Max Calories

    For today, your Hang Clean and your OHS should be moderate in term of weight.  Should be a weight you can do all rounds/reps unbroken but it should also be challenging for you.

    The 4 min Max cal row is a benchmark that Beyond the Whiteboard has preloaded under the row section of the WOD post.  For men, the 50th percentile is 70 calories.

  2. 11/25/2020

    Don’t Forget our hours for the rest of the week:

    Wednesday – All normal class times

    Thursday – 7am and 9am

    Friday- 8:30, 11am and Noon


    4pm, 5pm and 6pm


    Complete For Time

    5 Rounds

    12 Double DB Push Press/HSPU

    12 Deadlift (205/145)(245/175)


  3. 11/24/2020

    Congrats to all who competed in the Turkey Challenge online comp.  For several of you, it was your first ever competition and we couldn’t be happier for you!!!  We are so glad to see you put yourself out there and enjoy your fitness.  We are super proud of you!!!

    Quick Update on hours this week.  

    Tuesday and Wednesday are normal hours. 

    Thursday (Happy Thanksgiving!!)  7am and 9am

    Friday 8:30, 11, Noon.


    Complete For Time:

    100 Double Unders

    75 Wall Ball (20/14)(10’/9′)

    15 C2B/Bar MU

    50 Wall Ball

    10 C2B/Bar MU

    100 Double Unders

  4. 11/23/2020

    ANNOUNCMENT:  Quite a bit to cover with this one.   On behalf of the Owners & Coaches of CrossFit970, we want to provide you with a quick overview of our response to the recent announcement that Larimer County has moved to “red” status beginning this Tuesday at 5pm (Tuesday will be a regular day for us as it makes no sense to do anything different starting at 5pm).  

    We have met as a team and have a few things to cover with you during your class times this week.  In person communication and our website will be your ONLY source of information.  We will NOT be providing updates via our social media pages.   

    Some things to prepare for:

    We will be asking our bigger classes (5:30am and potentially noon) to think about alternative class times (for the 5:30am, think about the 6:30am and for noon, maybe moving to the 11am).  Again, we will discuss this in person.  

    You will ABSOLUTELY NOT be allowed in class if you are late.  (Late will be defined as once the whiteboard discussion has concluded, so you will have a small buffer)

    You will enter the front of the building and exit the back.

    You will not be allowed to enter the building until the class before you has exited.  

    We will be changing the evening class hours to 4pm, 5pm and 6pm in an attempt to spread the bigger 4:30 class out.  This will not happen until Monday November 30th.  

    We will go in to greater detail throughout the week during our whiteboard talks.  We are asking all of you to please be extremely respectful of our time at the whiteboard as our Coaches communicate with you about these very important items. 

    As always, our goal as a team is to provide you with the best hour of your day…even if our time together might look a little different in the short term.  We feel like our plan will allow us to continue in as much of a “business as usual” manner as we have up until this point. 


    Complete For Time:

    2 Rounds

    20 Clean & Jerk (115/75)(155/105)

    40 Bar Facing Burpees



  5. 11/20/2020

    ANNOUNCEMENT:   This Saturday the 7am class will be an “open gym” time from 7:00-9:00.  This open gym time will replace the Comp Class.  

    We will have our regular 9am CrossFit Class.  

    We will have Open Gym hours from 11am-4pm on Saturday 

    Sunday the gym will be open from 9am-3pm.  


    Part A (0:00 to 8:00): Complete as many reps as possible in 8:00 of:



    Lateral burpee over bar


    Begin at 4 reps of each and increase by 2 reps after completion of each round.




    Men use 95 lbs.

    Women use 65 lbs.

    Athletes 13-15 yo, and 55+ use 65/45 lb.



    Men use 65 lbs., step over allowed

    Women use 45 lbs., step over allowed

    Athletes 13-15 yo, and 55+ use 45/35 lb.


    Part B (8:00 to 16:00):

    8:00 mins to establish:

    3RM Hang Clean

    The “Clean” can be a power or squat of combo of both.

  6. 11/19/2020

    Complete For Time 

    10 Deadlift (255/175) or (175/115)

    20 Pull Ups (jumping pull ups for scaled)

    30 Box Jumps (24″/20″) (step ups for scaled is ok)

    40 Sit Ups

    50 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35) or (35/20)

    40 Sit Ups

    30 Box Jumps

    20 Pull Ups

    10 Deadlift

    20 Minute Time Cap

  7. 11/18/2020

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Giving Tree is up in the lobby!  Please please please take one (or a few) of the cards from the tree and help those that are in need.  Obviously this is a tough time for a lot of people so its even more important this year that we do the best we can to help.

    4 x 3:00 Interval

    6 Power Snatch (95/65)(135/95)

    10 T2B

    Max Cal Row in remainder of time

    Last Done 11/20/2019


  8. 11/17/2020

    Complete For Time;

    4 Rounds

    15 Front Squat (95/65)(135/95)

    10 Burpee Box Jump (24”/20”)

    50 Double Unders

    For today, this is one where you’re going to need to just settle in to a pace and stay consistent with it.  For the front squats, this should be a weight you can do 15 reps unbroken even in the later rounds.  The box jumps are going to be a little bit of a challenge with “heavy legs” so make sure you jump higher than you need to!

  9. 11/16/2020

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  Many of you have probably seen the post in the 970 Facebook group about the 2020 Turkey Challenge.  If not, go to Facebook or Instagram and search “2020 Turkey Challenge” As a gym we have participated in this event since its inception over 10 years ago.  It is going to be an online comp this year which really opens it up to a lot of people that would not normally sign up to compete in an in person comp.  The WODS for the Turkey Challenge will be released on Wednesday.  We will be programming them on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for our gym WODS.  So…since you are going to be doing them anyway….you might as well sign up for the event.  There are many divisions to choose from.  We think the most fun might be the “Team” divisions where you can pick your team and have some fun with your buddies.   Talk to a Coach if you are interested.

    Complete For Time:

    Mayhem Challenge WOD


    Pull Ups


    Tag @_loganewing_ with your score from this one.

    Modifications for this include:


    Pull Ups

    Double DB Push Press (50/35)



    Pull Ups

    HSPU/ Double DB press (pick weight)