1. 01/17/2020

    Complete For Time (programmed by Logan Ewing)

    100 Double Unders


    3 Rounds

    12/9 Strict HSPU

    5 Power Clean (245/175)

    Rest 2 Minutes

    3 Rounds

    12/9 Bar Muscle Ups

    3 Power Cleans (275/195)


    100 Double Unders

    Yes…these are HEAVY power cleans!  Realizing the weights and skill movements are a challenge, what we are looking for today is the most difficult version of the gymnastics movements for YOU.  The Strict HSPU could mean kipping hspu, pike position push ups, or push ups.  Point is, do what is the biggest challenge for you.  For the Bar Muscle Up, the same rule applies.  Do the most difficult variation of a pull up you can perform.

    For the weights, these should be heavy and then heavier!   A good guide for to go by would be 85% of your 1 rep max power clean for the first part, and 95% for the second part.  Your Coach can help with your weights.

    Have fun with this one as we send Logan of to London to compete in the CrossFit Strength & Depth Sanctional in London.  Thanks for all the support!!


  2. 01/16/2020

    Complete For Total Time

    1000/800 Meter Row

    Immediately Into

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  KB Snatch (50/35)  *Each Arm*

    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10  Box Jump (24″/20″)




  3. 01/15/2020

    As Intervals:

    3:00 To Complete 

    15 Cal Bike

    15 Cleans (135/95)

    3 Minute Rest

    4:00 To Complete

    20 Cal Bike

    20 Cleans (115/75)

    4:00 Rest

    5:00 To Complete

    25 Cal Bike

    25 Cleans (95/65)

    There will be 3 separate scores for this WOD.  One for each interval.  Challenge yourself to really push through these intervals.  The worst that could happen is you have some extra time to rest between rounds!  The weight should go from moderate to light as you progress through the weight changes, so pick weights that well accomplish that for you.



  4. 01/14/2020

    Shoulder Press

    1 x 5 @ 75 %

    1 x 3 @ 85%

    1 x 1+ @ 95%

    1 x 20 @ 50%


    10 Min AMRAP

    12 DB Push Press (50/35)

    12 DB Sit Ups

  5. 01/13/2020

    Complete For Time

    10 Rounds

    8 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

    6 Power Snatch (75/55)(95/75)

    8 T2B

    25 Minute Time Cap

    For today, we are looking at a weight for the power snatch that you can cycle for the 6 reps.  No singles!  If the 8 toes to bar are something you need to break up, look to do sets of 5-3 for as long as you can hold that.  Biggest thing here is there are a lot of transitions so use the transition time as a quick break between movements. Think less time at the chalk buckets!

  6. 01/10/2020

    Complete For Time

    100 Thrusters (135/95)

    Every Minute On The Minute Complete 6 Sit Ups

    25 Minute Time Cap

    Sometimes…you gotta just put your head down and grind it out.  Today is that day.  The RX for this is definitely on the heavy side, so if you aren’t going RX, the idea behind this is to pick a heavy weight for YOU.  Breaking this down to the micro level, to beat the time cap, you have to complete 6 sit ups and 4 thrusters per minute.  The time to complete goes down by 5 full minutes if you can do 5 thrusters in the minute vs 4.  We don’t mind the struggle today, but we also want that struggle to end with success, so pick the weight that will allow for you to be successful.

  7. 01/09/2020


    5 @ 75%

    3 @ 85%

    1+ @ 95%

    1 x 20 @ 50%


    6 Minute AMRAP

    14 DB Hang C&J (50/35)

    10 T2B

    Don’t let this 6 minute AMRAP mislead you.  If you did the WOD on Tuesday, you know these little “sprint” WODS  can sneak up on you!   A little note on the Deadlifts, we are looking to take these opportunities to work on proper technique.  Let’s get the technique work done before we worry about loading up a barbell.  This about longevity….not how much weight you can lift TODAY.

  8. 01/08/2020

    4:00 AMRAP

    27/21 Cal Row

    27 Burpees

    4:00 AMRAP

    21/17 Cal Bike

    21 Burpees

    4:00 AMRAP

    15/12 Cal Row

    15 Burpees

    4:00 Rest Between Rounds

    This one is ALL ABOUT the conditioning.  Each one of these AMRAPS should be an all out effort for you.  Use the rest breaks to recover (mentally and physically).  Each AMRAP represents a slightly different challenge as the goal is to get back to the bike or rower and start getting the calories!


  9. 01/07/2020

    Back Squat

    5 @ 75%

    3 @ 85%

    1+ @ 95%

    ALL AT 90% of 1 Rep Max


    5 Rounds

    10 OHS (95/65)

    10 Box Jump (24″/20″)