Extra Work Programming

Each week our extra work programming will be posted here. The purpose of the extra work is to provide a track to run on for those that have more time in the day to allocate to training. While the daily WOD is certainly enough for any given day, we realize many of you want additional programming to supplement your workouts.

Strength Training

Wendler 5/3/1 Strength Progression

We will be following the Wendler linear progression strength program as a gym. The Wendler program has long been recognized for its effectiveness in gaining strength. We will use Wendler for front squat, back squat, shoulder press and dead lift. We like it because the volume is relatively low and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. The best part about this is you can jump in anytime to begin your strength cycle. For great app to follow the Wendler program, click here.


Each week our extra work will contain multiple skills movements. These skill movements can be modified based on your own skill level for that movement. Use these extra work sessions to work on progressions for skills that need development. Need help with progressions, ask a coach. Any of the coaches at 970 point you in the right direction.

Metabolic Conditioning (Met-Con)

For those wanting additional conditioning work, there will be multiple opportunities throughout the week to hit additional met-cons that will vary in duration and work. Here is where we will use equipment that we don’t usually program for use in daily WODS, such as the GHD, ski ergs, sleds and sand bags.

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