Welcome to 970 Nutrition.

Although the WOD tab of this website is the one you likely click on the most, we think the nutrition tab is every bit as important. We believe they go hand in hand. In other words, you can exercise your face off, but without proper nutrition, you are only getting about 1/3 of what you need out of a health and fitness program.

Nutrition without a well-rounded fitness program will yield about the same 1/3 results. If you’re doing the math, you will know we are 2/3 if the way there. So….what is the other 1/3 you ask?

The other 1/3 comes to us in the way of nutritional supplements that we use to help recover, rebuild, and sustain. Supplements with cool things like BCAAs, Creatine, Whey (yes, way) and a ton of other words we can’t say or spell.

Think about your body as a high dollar performance machine. Realizing all exteriors are unique, the power train and fuel systems are all the same. You don’t need to know anything about cars to know these performance machines need clean fuel and regular maintenance to hold up to the rigors of high impact driving. And no matter how good they look on the outside, if the systems aren’t maintained, these performance machines become expensive to fix when they break down.
Here is how this applies. YOU are the machine. Your workouts are the rigorous driving. And your nutrition, including supplements, are what is needed to maintain the machine. While the excessive cost of medical treatment is your expensive fix. Following??

Now that we understand this, let’s take some steps to do something about it.

We LOVE that you have trusted us to coach you and teach you how to move in a safe and effective manner. We do the work to assure your workouts are well rounded and comprehensive. You just show up and put in the work. We want to apply that same principle to help you maintain…YOU.

We have done all the heavy lifting (pun intended) into researching the many different nutrition programs out there. We have tried most of them along the way as well. What we have found to be the best program out there is the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) program. In short, this is flexible eating that fuels the machine. But more important, it is a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE.

We have also done mounds of research into the supplement line that we will carry at the gym. The brands we have picked are the cleanest and most effective we have found. Quite simply, they are the best fuels we can put into our high-performance machines.

Ok, so now you know all about “Why” of proper nutrition and supplements. Let’s talk about the “How.”

Beginning June 1st, we will start our first group into a six-week program facilitated by Coach Kallie Petrie. A new group will start into the program every six weeks. The details can be found by clicking here.

We will also have a full line of FNX supplements available for purchase at the gym.

Remember, exercise is only one small part of the pyramid. It all starts with nutrition.