Here we go!!!

There are a few things that you need to do to be able to sign up for classes using the Pike13 App.

Go to (do NOT use www.)
SIGN IN: Top right corner. When you sign in you MUST use the email associated with your account. If you do not know what that is, you may have to contact a coach to let you know as the email you used to become a member is what is in the system.

If you do not have an email or password, at the bottom choose Forgot your Password? and follow the steps to reset/set up your password.

Once you have completed that step, then login…
Now you must SIGN UP (top right) – once you click sign up it will show a screen with the 970 logo. Doing this sign up is what will then allow you to use the Pike13 App to sign up for classes.

To sign up for a class:
1. Download the Pike13 App
2. Click on the App to begin
3. At the bottom, click “Services”
4. Select WOD
5. Select the date and class time
6. Click “Join Class”
7. You will receive a message at the bottom that says “Are you sure you want to join this class?” Click “Join Class”

If your schedule changes and you need to leave a class:
1. At the bottom click “My Activities:
2. Select the date and time
3. At the bottom click “Leave Class”
4. You will receive a message at the bottom that says “Are you sure you want to leave this class?” Click “Leave Class”
You will receive an email confirmation that your registration for that particular WOD was cancelled.

If you go to the calendar and the WOD you want to join says “Class Full but Waitlist Open”…
1. Select the class you wish to join
2. Select Join Waitlist at the bottom
3. Message appears “Join Waitlist?” Select “Add to Waitlist”
4. If an opening comes up you will receive an email notification stating “Enrolled from the waitlist into WOD at CrossFit 970”

At this point, in the App under My Activities, it will now show you are enrolled in that class
**If your plans change again, be sure to follow the steps to leave a class, so the next person on the waitlist may be added.