Meet Nikki Plunkard-Paswaters

This WODing Mommy Rocks!

I began my CrossFit journey around two and a half years ago. There are many reasons why I decided to try it out.
A little bit of a back story; I was a competitive swimmer for 14 years, with four years at the collegiate level. After graduating college, I found it hard to motivate myself to work out. I would go through spurts where I would train by running or occasionally swimming but I never truly committing. I wasn’t really happy with the results I had from this workout routine and I found I was slipping farther and farther from my swimming shape. I knew I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle, I decided I needed a change.

My brother had been talking about CrossFit and I thought this might be the change I was looking for. I started googling CrossFit gyms in Northern Colorado. CrossFit 970 was one of the first gyms to pop up. When I looked at the coaches I was surprised to find that Lauren was a coach (she was a diver at UNC when I swam), it seemed like a nobrainer, I had to try this CrossFit thing out.

I remember being very humbled by my first workout, there were thrusters, burpee’s, jumping lunges and double unders. After I left I called my brother and told him I was carrying my ass in my hands because it had been handed to me. But I continued. CrossFit was just what I needed. It was challenging, it allowed me to be competitive (sure with myself, but secretly I was competing with others) and I was motivated to come back.

I notice the difference when I workout and when I don’t, CrossFit not only keeps me in shape but emotionally keeps me in check (just ask my husband).
Recently my CrossFit journey has changed. I found out in January of this year, I was pregnant. I knew I still wanted to CrossFit, there was no question about it. Lauren was great, when I told her she helped coach me through it, modifying WODs as needed and constantly checking in with me throughout the WOD to make sure I wasn’t dying. At one point I hadn’t been to CrossFit 970 in a couple weeks due to first trimester fatigue and morning sickness, Lauren sent me a message checking in, making sure I was ok.

Side note, not only will you feel the love from the coaches but also from all the members, it truly is a great family! I had my baby boy, Everett Brian, September 1st, healthy and strong!

I feel that CrossFitting while pregnant really kept me sane, kept my energy levels up and helped during delivery and my recovery post pregnancy. I took the time off after Everett was born to let my body heal and came back last week for my first WOD. It was so good the see that lime green! It felt so good to workout! Honestly the workout wasn’t the best part, it was the amazing people at CrossFit 970. I received welcomes, hugs and congratulations. What an awesome place filled with wonderful people. Special thanks to Lauren for holding baby Ev!

– Nikki Plunkard-Paswaters

Nikki P.