Meet Peter DuPont

I consider myself still new to CrossFit having only been doing it for about 3 years. But my love for the sport and the community has grown tremendously in this time.

Truth be known I was a CrossFit hater for many years before I started. I worked with a group of people that were very into the sport and the conversations that they had were both foreign and annoying to me at that time. The constant talk of WOD’s and METCON’s, PR’s and constant soreness made my ears bleed. I just did not understand, even as a person who has been a competitive athlete for most of my life. My wife shared my dislike for the sport until one day she came to me and said “we have to do something to get back into shape”. At this time a coworker of mine and her husband had partnered with another couple and opened up a CrossFit Box right in our backyard named CrossFit Down Valley in Gypsum. After a push out the window, my wife and I made the leap. We took our intro class and liked it right away. My wife Rondi is a naturally gifted athlete and I saw her as someone who would excel and become an obsessed competitor. My biggest obstacle was my lack of mobility due to many shoulder and collar bone injury’s so I did not see it as being a great fit for me. However I stuck with it and with great coaching we were both on our way. After a few months we were both feeling great and trying new movements every day. This is where the nastiness happened; my wife Rondi was practicing double unders when her back suddenly gave out. She suffered 2 herniated disks which eventually put her under the knife. I by no means relate this injury with CrossFit; she was a competitive volleyball player for years and beat up her back pretty good. The back was going to give out at some point and she just happened to be doing CrossFit at the time. That being said I was left with CrossFit being my thing and not our thing.

Despite struggles I stayed with it and became quite obsessed with the sport. RXing workouts became my goal every day and 2 a day workouts became normal. With great coaching and encouragement, even from my broke wife 9 months after my first workout I was doing my first completion, the Festivus Games in Park Meadows. My 5th place finish was disappointing, but a great start for an over forty athlete running with 20 year olds. Needless to say my fate was sealed and CrossFit would become my midlife crisis cure.

How does my new home in Northern Colorado come into play? Well just over a year ago my employer, Costco, gave me an opportunity to move to Ft Collins and open up a new location in Timnath. It was extremely hard to leave the mountains, the life style, our friends and my box but the opportunity was too good to pass up. I moved to town in July of last year and was on the hunt for a new CrossFit home right away. I spent 3 months with Evolve in Ft Collins due to the proximity to my temporary home in that part of town but when Rondi and I moved to Windsor the drive across town became too much and my search was on again. That’s when I dropped in at CrossFit 970. The vibe seemed right and I signed my paperwork right away.

Since that day I have become close to so many of my fellow CrossFit 970 athletes and I could not be happier. The vibe is fantastic; coaching is top notch whether it be from the regular staff or our great subs. I cannot picture myself anywhere else.

My dreams in life and for the sport are much the same. I want to live life, work hard every day, enjoy my family and friends and be healthy. I will continue to be competitive and do competitions when possible. Those who know me understand that I am very dedicated and driven so my 6 day a week attendance will continue to be a standard. When my schedule gets crazy and I can’t make it to a class my home gym does a good job of keeping me on track. I am honored to be spotlighted by such a fantastic community and look forward to many more years of healthy competition with everyone.

Some other facts about my life are that I am an avid outdoorsman, hunter and fly fisherman. I owned a hunting and fly-fishing retail shop in Cherry Creek for 8 years before Costco and was an Orvis endorsed travel agent. I have a wonderful 15 year old daughter a beautiful 90lb Boxer and a crazy and neurotic chocolate Labrador that has no hunting ability, go figure. I am passionate about my friends and my family and feel truly blessed to be able to call all of my friends at CrossFit 970 my family.

– Peter DuPont

Peter D.