Meet Ricky Johnson
Ever since high school wrestling I have known the importance of being conditioned and healthy. Though I don’t always enjoy it I try to stay in shape and live as healthy of a life as possible. Of course taking needed ice cream dates and what not. Never the less, I have always valued my health and do my best to stay the course. I have been fond of Crossfit’s methodology since about 2007/2008 when I first started getting into MMA and taking my conditioning more seriously. One of my friends at the time who is a firefighter actually introduced me to my first WOD. I don’t remember exactly everything he had me do, I just remember a lot of burpees in his garage and doing laps down his street. I was gassed but I had found my new obsession to amplify my training for Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

That friend actually ended up opening a box in Greeley, where I trained for about 9 months. At this point I had already been training crossfit for about a year only 2/3 days a week. The funny thing about this is the box was right next door to where I first started training Jiu Jitsu so it worked out perfectly. I actually tried to convince Sean Denning and a few other of my teammates to start there. I think they worked out once, puked and were over it. Which is funny if you know Sean today.

Well fast forward about 5 years. I quit working out at that box due to multiple reasons but I always based my conditioning of off the metcon styles crossfit uses. I had known about CrossFit 970 through Colin Kimberlin for years and Sean who also started at CrossFit 970 because of him. For a few years they both tried to convince me to join CrossFit 970 but I was skeptical and kind of into doing my own thing. That was until I felt as though all my teammates that conditioned with me started dropping off until I was just forcing myself to condition alone. Anyone that has ever tried to push themselves to exhaustion knows it’s always easier with a partner suffering beside you.

This is ultimately what prompted my decision to walk through the doors of CrossFit 970. Not only for the amazing coaches and the expertise they offer, but for all the members and the team/family atmosphere they provide. This was a decision that I have never regretted. Since day one of my very first workout at CrossFit 970 to doing the open for the first time last year, I have had complete trust in the coaches knowledge and their passion to see people succeed. To see me succeed. I believe that to be great at anything you must surround yourself with like minded individuals, individuals who share your passion and desire. As cliche as it sounds, iron sharpens iron.

This is one of the things that makes CrossFit 970 so great! All of the people that walk through the door whether they are working out for their first WOD or they are a professional athlete looking to amplify their training regimen are there to be better. Our biggest resource at CrossFit 970 to help achieve this is the combined knowledge of all the coaches and their passion to help each of us reach our goals. The next resource is the person next to you during your workout. The person that maybe is a little faster or stronger. These are the people that help others get better, that inspire people to keep coming back day after day. I know I have people in there that inspire and motivate me and I hope I in return do the same for others. It is not easy to break your self down physically and emotionally sometimes in a workout, but it sure makes it easy to have a group of people who share your goals and passion cheer you to keep going, to push a little harder.

I have been going to CrossFit 970 for almost three years now. I have had a few setbacks since my first workout and I still am dealing with a few currently. One of the things that truly makes me recommend CrossFit 970 over any other gym on top of the things mentioned above is the encouragement and love I have been shown by so many of the members and all of the coaches with these setbacks. The amount of support that CrossFit 970 shares for one another is remarkable. CrossFit 970 truly is a family, everyone is there to help everyone succeed. No matter what path they are currently on.

I have persuaded my wife and several of her family members to join CrossFit 970 because I truly, whole heartedly believe in the coaches and the community they have built. Fitness and health are for everyone! They will help you achieve a better you. It doesn’t matter what your current shape is, the hardest part is walking out of your door and through the gym doors. I encourage anyone that doesn’t already come to CrossFit 970 to just walk through the doors. Come in for a workout, the worst thing that is going to happen is it will change your life for the better.

May Kitraine, CO