Spence and I started coming to CrossFit 970 in November 2010. Spence was looking for something different than the standard gym and I was looking for a good cross-training activity to balance my running addiction. We’d never done CrossFit before but Spence has been friends with Brandon (one of the trainers/owners) for years and was telling me about the ‘wicked shape’ Brandon was in so I was game to try it.

We went in on a Saturday to ‘try it out’ and we were hooked. I remember distinctly how great all of the people were that first day. Steve and Brian welcomed us right in. Within the first week I immediately envied RexAnn’s awesome arms. [Note: my arms will never look like hers, but at least they are no longer ‘T-Rex’ or ‘runner arms’ as Spence fondly referred to them.] In other words, from Day 1, the CrossFit 970 CrossFitters were a class act crowd. And the trainers are top notch. We’ve been hooked every since.

Spence typically makes about 4 classes a week and I hit an average of 2-4 per week depending on our work and kid schedules. We enjoy the scheduled WOD’s although Spence toys with the idea of the Oly lifting with his buddies. We typically go to the 4:30 or 5:30 p.m. WODs due to our work schedules. And we find we can’t go more than a few days without going in the evenings as it is a great way for us to catch up with our CrossFit friends. And you really do become great friends with the awesome clientele at CrossFit 970.

My goal is to continue balancing my running with CrossFit to avoid running injuries. I also have to admit that I’ve come from the mindset of, “I’d rather be running” to, “I think I’ll go to CrossFit today, instead of going for a run.” I never thought that day would come, but it has, and the trainers – you’ll be happy to hear that I even have those thoughts on ‘heavy bar’ days.

Spence has decided this year to become more goal oriented in the gym. He doesn’t know what that looks like yet, but I suspect it will involve a competition or two and some heavier lifting with the strength WOD and Oly folks.

CrossFit 970 has been a great workout ‘home’ for us and we really love our CrossFit 970 family. The friendships we’ve formed are unbelievable. The trainers are excellent. I marvel each and every day as my body starts to get sore from the previous days WOD how the trainers has programmed the next day’s WOD to loosen everything up just right.

We are both people who eat well, but over the years we’ve enjoyed learning more about the importance of good food for ourselves and our kids and we implement that daily. We’ve done a couple of Paleo challenges and have successfully made tweaks that work for us, our lifestyle and our activity levels.

We would recommend CrossFit 970 again and again.

Spence & Kristin